1. The Affiliate Program now runs from:

We have devoted an entire site to the Affiliate Program, so you can simply access that site for all things Affiliate-related now. We have a temporary panel up right now, but we will soon be putting an entire site of resources just for you there, such as detailed instructions, FAQ’s and helpful tips to get your links and your site noticed.

We have also increased all commissions for all Affiliates to 20%, no matter when you joined. We have also created several additional categories such as “Partner Websites” and “Top Affiliates”. Both of those affiliate types get added benefits which include 25% commission of all sales, and immediate approval of all sales. Checks can be cut every 2 weeks, or every month; it’s up to you. All Affiliates who generate over $1,000.00 in commissions per month, are automatically placed into the “Top Affiliates” category.

2. The tracking is much tighter, and there are more options for Affiliates when they log in. We can now create a link to any product or product page you wish; you simply need to ask us and we’ll add it for you.

This will be a simple change for you, but it will bring big benefits. If you haven’t visited our site in a while, have a look around; we have continually expanded our exposure and our product line…due to our high ranking on most major search engines, adding a link to us is now very beneficial to your site and its ranking as well...

3. THE BIGGEST NEWS IS THAT WE NOW OFFER DIRECT LINKING FOR ANY PRODUCT IN OUR CATALOG!  Simply follow the instructions on the "IAMSHAMAN DIRECT LINKING" page to get explicit details.  We also have the details on your actual affiliate account as well.

Call or e-mail with any questions whatsoever: (312) 455-8271 or e-mail me at anytime at affiliates at iamshaman dot com, and I will personally answer your questions and address any issues you might have.


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