We'll try to explain as best we can, outlining a few of the major points involved in our decision to stop the long-standing pay-per-click perk we've offered our affiliates.  Our affiliates come first, and the main reason for discontinuing that part of the generous 20% commission program, was to enable us to better serve our affiliates and our customers: 

1. It takes massive server and database resources to keep track of every click for over 1,000 affiliates.

2. Keeping track of individual clicks for over 1,000 affiliates makes the database grow to unwieldy sizes in a small amount of time.

3. We have always had a policy in place where affiliate accounts must have a specific percentage of sales versus clicks. If it exceed that amount, we would be forced to disable the account. This became increasingly impossible to accurately asses and calculate for our over 1,000 affiliates.

4. There was in increasing amount of abuse of the pay-per-click program, where automated bots were being used to generate clicks, and banners were often being displayed in rotation with other banners falsely, to generate massive pay-per-click numbers on accounts, and we were getting overburdened with trying to keep track of these abuses.

5. The costs of maintaining such a huge database using such massive server resources grew more than we were comfortable with, forcing us to spend more time, energy and money on something that should practically run itself.

So, we know that all of our trusted and treasured affiliates should not be penalized, but after careful consideration, we realized that clicks only account for 1% on most affiliate accounts, with a maximum of 5% of the total monthly commissions being paid in pay-per-click links. By discontinuing the pay-per-click portion of the program, it has allowed us p to not only better manage the affiliate program, but to ensure that every conversion is accounted for accurately and efficiently, while better using server resources, again allowing multiple daily backups of all statistics and accounts.

Our affiliate program grew more than we ever imagined it would, and as a result, keeping individual click stats for over 1,000 affiliates made the database grow to over 2GB in a small amount of time...much too big for any system to keep operating or to backup on a daily basis as we do.

Also, considering that many competing programs offer 15% and we offer 20%-25% commission rates, and no other competitor we've studied sees the kind of click conversions we provide our affiliates with, we decided this would be the best way to proceed with the program.

Since making the change, administration has been far more reliable, allowing us to concentrate on making our shop even better, which directly helps our affiliates generate more sales and commissions. It frees us to make a great site even better, while allowing us to keep prices as low as possible; all things that help the customers our affiliates send to us, stay on the site and complete a sale.

Call or e-mail with any questions whatsoever:

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